Zombie Fest 7 - Day of the Dead

Terms and Conditions


Every member of the audience must be in possession of a valid ticket. Altered or defaced tickets will not be valid.

Strict age restrictions apply to some events. Zombie Fest operates a “Challenge 25” policy and you may be asked to provide photo ID to gain entry to the venue.

Management staff at Zombie Fest are authorized to refuse you admission to any event and reserve the right to do so, if, in their absolute judgement, your conduct is such that it is likely to disrupt or disturb other persons attending any event promoted by Zombie Fest. We also reserve the right to terminate your permission to remain at the event location and remove you from the event location in similar circumstances.

Zombie Fest accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen property.

No refunds will be offered to you if you are refused entry or removed from any event run by Zombie Fest in such circumstances as are detailed herein.

Only food and drink purchased at Zombie Fest may be consumed on site.


Zombie Fest are not liable for any tickets that are lost or stolen. Tickets will not be duplicated under any circumstances.

Please check your tickets as mistakes cannot always be rectified.

Refund Policy

Tickets purchased to events at the Zombie Fest are non-refundable (this includes tickets booked online, physical ticket sales and VIP bookings), please make sure to check the event time and date before purchasing.