Zombie Fest 7 - Day of the Dead

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HI:CAMBRIDGE, Lakeview, Cambridge, CB24 9PH

We are thrilled to announce that Zombie Fest will be heading to HI:CAMBRIDGE, Cambridge’s newest and most exciting outdoor entertainment venue, set to revolutionize the live music and events scene in the region. With a capacity for thousands of enthusiastic attendees, HI:CAMBRIDGE promises an unforgettable experience featuring big-name DJs, chart-topping music acts, family events, and much more.

HI:CAMBRIDGE offers hassle-free transportation options, making it easily accessible from all over the city and beyond. The venue’s strategic location allows for effortless commuting by car, public transport, and even on foot.

The venue’s close proximity to a number of accommodation options, including charming B&Bs and well-established hotels. Attendees coming from afar can rest assured that there are numerous accommodation choices within walking distance of the venue, providing comfort and convenience to all.

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Local residents

This year’s event will be held outdoors within big top marquees. Our primary goal is to minimise any impact on the event site, the environment, and the surrounding community. We have been actively engaging with the council, licensing authorities, and all emergency services to carefully manage the event and ensure safety. Our approach includes meticulous scheduling to maintain a cultural and enjoyable experience for the local area.

For your convenience, we have outlined the main entertainment times below. During these hours, the event may be audible, but sound levels will be closely monitored and controlled by our independent audio consultant to adhere to the agreed-upon license terms. No music that is clearly audible outside any noise-sensitive property will be played on the event grounds during the setup or cleanup phases, except at the following designated times:

  • 27th October  – Climate & General Level Checks – [10:00 – 20:00]
  • 28th October – Event times – [12:00 – 00:00]

We aim to keep any unnecessary disturbance to a minimum and appreciate your understanding and support on the matter. If you have any further questions or issues please do contact us at any time either by email [email protected] or (during the event times marked above) on a specific telephone number –  07707 476747  – any issues will be dealt with as appropriate.